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FM Financial Services (“FM”) is a national Health & Benefits and Retirement brokerage practice predominantly focused on Private Equity. Since the 1960s, the professionals at FM have successfully worked side-by-side in partnership with client leadership to build strategies and an approach to managing health care and overall benefit costs. Understanding a company and its investor’s desire to see portable value created, we approach each engagement with this in mind. This philosophy can empower FM’s clients, assists with overall efforts for EBITDA improvement and helps strategically align benefit plans and costs with overall organizational goals.


A problem in the marketplace is lack of transparency - in our opinion, most companies do not look at the market risk or value of their program through an EBITDA lens. Having extensive experience in both private equity and insurance actuarial/underwriting, FM can fill this gap by reviewing and robustly negotiating all aspects of Health and Benefits contracts, all the while providing our clients detailed information to help them make the most informed decisions, and helping design long-term strategies that align with their financial objectives.


As a result, FM is a company that is uniquely situated to understand the needs of and drive value for the following parties:

  1. Private Equity firms who are focused on the highest, EBIDTA driven results

  2. CFOs who are focused on mitigating risk and savings opportunities

  3. HR Leadership teams who are focused on attracting and retaining key talent


What can FM do for you?

  • Complimentary Due Diligence Evaluation
    History of 200+ diligence engagements for over 30 Private Equity Firms

  • Contract and Cost Improvement Analysis
    Reduce Human Resource Hours spent on Benefits Projects & Administration

  • Create a long-term strategy that pairs with company objectives

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