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In the constantly shifting world of employee benefits, the modern employer has neither the time nor the resources to manage the constant flux of legislation, let alone the problems in their employee benefits.  This is where our most valuable asset lies: fully integrating as an extension of the Human Resources team.  This allows for a high level of individualized service.


Employee Services

Being visible and available to employees is something for which we aim.  We strongly believe in onsite employee education and enrollment meetings.  We also offer employee support 800 numbers and support emails that allows us to aid in claims support.  Offering additional help to employees brings the value of individualized help but not at the expense of HR management's time.




 Within the broker/consultant role, we offer the following support:


  • Wellness Initiative Partner

  • Healthcare Reform Advisor

  • On-site Enrollment Meetings

  • Customized Enrollment Booklets

  • Provider Directories

  • Plan Utilization Reports

  • HR Support

  • 800 Employee Phone Line

  • Email Support Team

  • Employee Surveys

Human Resources Support

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