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For over 40 years, FM has advised on thousands of Medical, Dental, Vision, Life & Disability, and Voluntary Product contracts.  Our clients range in funding and size: from small groups (2-49 employees) to mid-market groups (50-999) to large groups (1,000 or more employees). 


The Complete Solution

Our focus is to help our clients control long-term healthcare costs. Specializing in self-funding contracts since their inception over 30 years ago, we strive to successfully guide our clients through the world of funding arrangements, provider discounts, network coverage, and stop loss strategy.  Partnering these tools with our concept of overall employee wellness has helped in lowering claim costs and premiums. Our wellness strategy is to look beyond biometrics, as in our experiences, this is where most employers’ efforts fade.  Our goal is employee engagement; we believe in starting simple and aiming for long-term solutions: increasing employee health education and awareness, decreasing preventable illness, and ultimately improving employee health and morale.


Compliance with Healthcare Reform

With the ever-changing health care industry, we strive to provide accurate and timely updates for each client. We remain current in all aspects of healthcare reform legislation. Client-specific analysis is provided, showing how upcoming changes will affect each of our clients.  Educational fliers and informative handouts are always available and can also be made upon request.




Within the broker/consultant role, we offer the following support:


  • Strategic Planning for Direction & Costs

  • Renewal Underwriting & Negotiation

  • Stop Loss Contract Analysis & Stop Loss Level Recommendations

  • Valuation of Benefit Changes

  • Industry Trend Comparisons

  • Budget Projections

  • Network Analysis

  • Employee Contribution Strategy

  • Carrier Benchmarking & Selection

  • Mergers & Acquisitions Due Diligence

  • Triangular Claim Analysis

  • Network Pricing Analysis

  • Funding Alternative Analysis

  • Claim Data Analysis & Recommendations

  • IBNR Reserve Calculation

  • IRS 5500 Filings

Health & Welfare Group Benefits

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